Friday, December 30, 2011


Okay, just learned first hand how much time there is in making tutorials! it takes time and I need to not forget to make photo's of every step...which in some steps I forgot :)

I hope to have it finished by the end of next weekend in 2012, as I start working fulltime once again after my birthday. It's been awhile, but I hope to still have time to follow Kathy's classes and finish my tutorial and figure out how to post my tutorial as pdf in this blog.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Another new page design done and created...

now I only to finish the album and show everyone it.

I soooo love this :))

Discover your journey 6 6/8x9" envelope album

Well, this is it. Each page is made from a 8 6/8 x 12 1/8" envelopes. It creates 4 pockets and several journaling spots. Due to the thickness of the final album, the binding rings didn't work, so for the first time I used red ribbon and it turned out better than I thought it did.

Faux Policy album Christmas

Made with the Faux Policy tutorial from Paper Phenomenon.


Christmas album

A Christmas album made with the Paper Phenomenon tutorial Everlasting album.
My brother and sister in law were very happy with it.

Anita's envelope album

Anita created an envelope album in which she made photos off and I am only posting the cover. But her sister/best friend loved it

Pim and Pluk coin envelope album 4x4

I made this album for a friend of mine who is crazy about her cats Pim and Pluk. I used the friendly pets paper from Basic Grey and small coin envelope to create a similar album as the one for my daughter's album Rock Chix.

Envelope album Anita and me

For now only the cover is done and the pages still need to be finished.

Christmas Matchbook album

And this is the first Christmas album I made from one of Kathy's youtube vid.

12x12 Dutch wedding album

The Dutch wedding album for my brother and my sister in law. Used 12x12 cardstock with extra photo mats stamped around the edges with three color swirls while I used several different flower embellishments per page. Now, I am waiting for the other photo's to arrive to continue with the Turkish wedding.

Engagement mini 4x4

My brother gave me the news that he got engaged and the news that he is going to be a father in February and he is getting married within two weeks. I organized his Dutch wedding while my friend and his wife's sister organized the Turkish wedding. Due to a conflict with her father it was wise to not mix the two families for now. So therefore I had not a lot of time to create an engagement album and two wedding albums.

Below is the engagement mini that I made within two hours :)

8.5x11" Criminal Minds album

I am completely crazy about Criminal Minds and had been writing several fanfiction stories and now it came up with an album as well. I took the pages from watching Paper Phenomenon and Thepapertrail vids before making one of my own. This is still a WIP, but couldn't help but publish anyway. The front and second page are done.

5x5 wedding album

My first wedding album for a Canadian teenager we see as our daughter whose father was getting remarried. So I started on my first wedding album.
I watched lots of wedding albums to gain ideas for the album. Eventually the album turned into 5x5 envelope album with a few surprises here and there.

Baby boy album and grandparent album

Another cousin of mine became a mother of a baby boy. I used the DCWV Once upon a time paper to create a fairy tale baby album. I had plucked three photos from facebook and already used that on three pages. With this album I also experimented with perfect pearls as paint to give it a glow and it had become more stunning then I had hoped for.

Again I used the tab pages with this album and used the Zutter binding with the fluffy ribbons as securement.

My aunt and uncle, for them it was the first grandchild and I created them a grandparent (oma and opa) album, whilst the grandfather (opa) is now filling it up almost every week. I am curious to the end result, but I'll just have to wait and see :)

Paper bag album Favourite things

I created this paisley album awhile back, but hadn't found the rightfull owner yet. Usually when I create an album, I need to feel that the album belongs to the person who receives it. If I don't have that feeling, the person will not get it. Unless I don't mind who gets it, that also happened once or twice.

It became an album for someone who had lots of favourite things in her of his life. After two months, my friend and colleague notified me that she was leaving the company when the feeling hit and she is still happily filling the album.

The pages are created from paper bags that we borrowed from the MacDonalds in the ladies room :). Here in The Netherlands, I haven't found any decent quality paper bags yet, only the very thin ones, but they tear too fast. So borrowing when spotted is it for now. This is also my first paper bag album and am still experimenting on how to do it better with the quality in this country.

Baby Girl album and a grandparent album

My cousin became a father of a baby girl and there I went and created another baby album with tab pages. I don't remember either the brand or the name of the paper, so if you recognize it, feel free to comment. I will change the text. It turned out larger than I expected namely 8x8 then the 7x7 I was going for because of the precut chipboard cover, but it turned out quiet pink :)

I binded the album with the Zutter bindings, but weaved ribbons through the iron binding to give it an extra securement.

And with becoming a mother or a father, becoming a grandparent is the same way and that's why I create with my baby albums also grandparents albums. It was the first grandchild for my aunt, so I made her one that she is now happily decorating.

5x5 Accordion envelope album

This album was created when I witnessed a special friendship between my father's 'girl'friend and her best friend. A friendship for more then 30 years. With the inspiration I gotten from that, I made my first accordion album from the standard envelope (110x220cm). 1 page consisted from three envelopes, folded in such a way, I really can't explain. You need to see the many vids on youtube.

Both women liked vintage and purple, so I used Artemio paper with a vintage background. With this album I found out how I don't like to distress. I used a soft leather string with a purple flower clasp to close the album.