Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flipover album: Susan

 I created this accordian album for a bubbly young woman who wasn't used into getting anything for her last day of her apprenticeship. She was fun to work with, enthusiastic, lovely, basically a 21-year old woman who you could just hug tightly and be speechless for.

Her album is made with an assortement of different design paper with bright colors. It has two front covers and one back cover. The first photo is how I started, but I ended changing the butterfly as shown in the last image. I used six petal flowers to create the dimensional flowers and the wrap around a stick flower, that I still need to practise on, but for this album it went alright.

I used stickers from the spoiled princess collection, brand unknown; the sometimes cynical words fitted perfectly with this album.

When I gave it, she was rendered speechless...

Pregnancy album: Pap, Mam en ik

 I created this album for my brother and sister-in-law when they let me know they made photos of the pregnancy. I covered most photos to protect them. Only the innocent photos are shown, but you can still still the embellishments etc. I used DCWV paper Coral Garden. The album is 9x9 with 8x8 tab pages. In total room for 14 photos.

Le Couture Clutch

This clutch was created for a colleague of mine, who decided to touch my inspiration unconsciously. For this clutch I used Kathy Files' tutorial 'Femme Fatal'. The paper I used is Le Couture from DCWV with white cardstock for the pages. To hide the crease of the overlapping papers in the, I cut out a different size matting and stuck that on the back. On the front I used an old broche of where the needle had falled off. It fitted perfectly on the front of the clutch.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tutorial: Old fashioned mill


Well, my tutorial for the old fashioned Mill is done and posted on my tutorial page.
Thank you for those that have been waiting patiently for it.


Spikewil11 (on Ustream)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Memoriam album

For my brother, father and a colleague I created in Memoriam albums where they can store their favourite photos of their lost loved ones. For this album I used the Paper phenomenon Season's Change - Year in Review tutorial, but then a size smaller than what she created.

For this album I used the paper from DCWV, Chateau Lavender.

Grandpa and grandchild album

As always when I create a baby album, I always make a grandparents album as well. So I made one by using the tutorial from Paper Phenomenon, Valentines Day. It created loads of pockets and space to place photo's and journaling spots.

I gifted this album to my father, a first time grandfather.