Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snoetenboekjes / Little face booklets

Perfect little face booklets (Dutch: Snoetenboekjes); I created these as a gift to Ria and my father to place photos of their grandchildren in it. They are small 4x4 albums, connected in the left upper corner.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book version: the Outside

With this album I used the Paper Phenomenon's Spell Book tutorial and the Mariposa pattern paper. My colleague told me she loved being outside, and with this paper it fits perfectly. Because it has to be shipped to the UK I on purpose didn't decorate the front but placed more on the inside.

Soft spine: Miss Bee album

 I made this album with the Soft Spine tutorial from Paper Phenomenon. It was a try out for the soft spine and it worked out quiet well. It has plenty of pockets to store photo mats or other memorabilia.
For this album I used bright leftover pattern paper from DCWV. As a closure, I used the Tim Holtz fasterner with the hanger.

The album was made for a friend of mine who is a bee keeper :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kathy's world: a Paper Phenomenon story book

Hi PITA followers,

My inspiration for a story book for Kathy came after I created the dictionary and the her choice of words kept growning. As I write stories, the idea came to mind to make special funny chapters about certain subjects. For now I have:

Chapter 1: Paper
Chapter 2: Tools
Chapter 3: PITA words
Chapter 4: Corner
Chapter 5: Book details
Chapter 6: Quotes from PITA babes and bulls

For the last chapter I need you. What does Kathy's spirit and designs mean for you?

Can you give me a quote with a max of 3 lines, with your name (or Ustream nickname), place and country.
For example: Kathy, you're the best scrapbooker! - Eve, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I don't have a deadline yet, but I expect to send it by the end of July. Could you comment with your quote. Before Ning left the building, we had about 2000 members. I am sure you can help me out.

Thanks in advance,