Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pregnancy album

I made this Dutch pregnancy album for a colleague as it is her first pregnancy. I used my leftover scraps and the iron tabs holders 1 till 9 for the months. Several tags with washi tape and fibers. My focus was on green, because when I created it I didn't know what the gender of her baby would be.
For the butterfly I used a memory box die that gives you half a butterfly and the body, but if you cut the sides twice, you just could create one big butterfly.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A challenge from you to me...please join

Hi everyone,

I have a challenge for you. I normally gave this to my fanfiction readers and after receiving their answers, I create the fanfiction story, but as I am not doing that anymore, I want to see if I can change it in such a way and use it for scrapbooking.

Answer the below questions and send me the answers with your address to with the subject 'Spike's Scrapbook challenge'. Based on your answers, I would like to create a tag, box, album, whatever I can come up with and send it to you.

1. What's your favourite color?
2. Which Chinese animal are you?
3. Name 3 keywords about yourself.

Depending on how many challenges I get, I will set a time limit which can result up to a year, if the responses are a lot.

Feel free to share this challenge, create a vid to give me more challengers, you don't need to follow my blog, but I will update on here whenever I have created something. Those that do make vids and shares my challenge will probably receive something extra, depending on how much inspiration I have.

Keep in mind, I am only a beginner in scrapbooking (started in 2010) so don't pressure me into giving you an item like the Graphic45 designers, Kathy Files (Paper Phenomenon) or Laura (Follow the paper trail). I will use their scrapbooking methods (not their tutorials) and some of my own and I do my best in creating something that passes my partner's approval :).

I will post on my blog who has entered the challenge by name only. Everything else will stay private. All creations, I take photos from it, but will not post until the person has received the creation.

Please join my challenge!