Sunday, November 18, 2012

X-mas cards for work

A small token for xmas for my colleagues in Europe, see above photo.
And not to forget my US colleagues, a 3d card...sort off in which I used my leftover scraps from Xmas, but used the Memory Box dies for the deer family, which was btw very cute, see below.

Nicole Eccles' High Heel design

I created this high heel with the free design Nicole Eccles has on her blog. It suited the person I gifted it perfectly. I used the paper line A Ladies' Diary from Graphic45. I did use an extra chipboard on the bottom to to secure and hide the paper details that you get from folding the paper for the front part of the shoe. I used Tacky glue for everything and it turned actually quiet hard. I didn't have to be afraid to break it :)

You can find Nicole's designs here

Saturday, November 10, 2012

my newest project for Xmas

Well, I must say my inspiration never have given me a bulk of creations before. Right now I am working on several Xmas gifts for my colleagues....40 in total. And I haven't counted my family's gifts yet.

Also when Xmas is done, another 30 birthcards for my unborn nephew will take up my time...

Plenty of things to do.

Won - Halloween contest

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be gone for a few weeks, but work is killing my RL at the moment. I still want  to post the photos of my Halloween house for which I won first price. Anita made the tags in which she had fun doing so.